#1 Canoeing over La Loire

After building canoes and flowing down for 600km over La Loire from Roanne to Montjean-sur-Loire, the organization members offer a new gaze on the river.

The project

Discover and create

The team of « Voyage en Patrimoine » (Travelling in Heritage) presents an interactive exhibition showing, thanks to adventure and creation, the natural and cultural Loire heritage.

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La Loire, flowing through France, meets times and cultures.

We have travelled, looking for this heritage comprehending as well human adventure and natural country evolution.

Cultural Heritage

People, following the river constraints, have always managed to adapt, if not master it.
The Loire culture is born along the Loire banks, rich with technics and knowledge, rediscovered today.

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Natural Heritage

Well known for overflowing, La Loire has a rich and complexe ecosystem. Number of migratory birds rest here, and many other species live on the river banks. Whoever takes time to watch, the river offers a window on their eveyday lifes.

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Our Partners

Musée de la Loire
Loire et marine à Montjean
Fédération des maisons de Loire

The exhibition

The exhibition will take you on the river flow, to discover the famous beavers, or the hidden diatomaceous.
Go back in time, guided by a geologist or an historian, while researchers and passionate people will show you La Loire through astonishing and unknown aspects.

The organisation crosses various professional knowledges, taking opportunities thanks to the exhibition and technologies, to immerse you in their everyday travel on the river, and wonders.
The itinerant exhibition follows their traces : art masterpieces copies in augmented reality, interactive models, traveling notes, 360° videos, audio immersions, 3D printed diatomaceous, pictures, and other surprises to take you on the river, and share our astonishments.

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The team

« Voyage en patrimoine » is a team of passionate and creative people, and professionals in various fields, such as history, photography or digital design.

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Our Sponsors

You too, you can sponsor our project !

Strange collaborative creation place, la Volumerie is a scenography agency, combining design, prototyping and building for various projects. La Volumerie has been our partner in many occasions : technical support, equipment lending, exhibition conception support, money raising…

Gepeto Composite is a company specialized in design/construction and development of composite prototypes and components, for offshore race boats and industries. Gepeto Composite has supported our dreamed canoes manufacture by supplying resins and fiberglass.

La Fabrik’à bulles is an artisan ecological soap workshop, based close to Rennes. Cold saponified soaps are manufactured here, as well as organic cleaning products. La Fabrik’à Bulles has supplied products for hygiene and dish cleaning, with a minimum impact on environnment.

HephaPrint is a company from Rennes, providing 3D printing for private individuals, companies and organisations, offering prototypes, single parts, or small productions.
Hepha Print supports us for the 3D printing of various exhibition materials.

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