Natural heritage

La Loire banks are still wild, even if the human beings have settled along it. Numerous areas are protected, biodiversity favoured, leaving the river evoluting ans overflowing. The impossibility to channel La Loire has protected the bank forests, and nesting places for migratory birds. Various organisations and researchers have assisted to show us the fishing ospreys and beavers, both of them being symbols of the wild Loire. Moreover, they have helped us seeing what few people can see. From plankton to geology, they have allowed us to understand and appreciate this complexe and diverse ecosystem.

Photo Francis Azevedo, Hans Lucas studio

Our partners

The Loire and the Cher house of Dyé sur Loire : the nature hosts have shown us around for the discovery of beavers, building their nests around Dyé sur Loire.

The Loire du Loiret house : around Jargeau, we have discovered numerous local bird species, taking a specific interest for fishing ospreys.

The Loire d’Indre et Loire house : in Montjean-sur-Loire, we have dived in the microscopic life of freshwater plankton.

The confluence of the Loire and the Cher : in Candes Saint Martin, we have travelled through times with Jean-Jacques Macaire, emeritus professor of geology in the Tours university, and discussing about the specific geologic caracteristics of this site.