The project presentation

#1 Canoeing over La Loire


Canoeing over La Loire was the first project of Voyage en Patrimoine, hybrid organization using makerspaces to highlight travels and culture.

Marine and Wenceslas have flown on La Loire over 600km, from Roanne to Montjean-sur-Loire, periodically meeting other members during the trip. They have navigated La Loire in September 2018, and met dozens of citizens and Loire specialists before preparing an exhibition.

Stage 1 : Building the canoes

Bernard Ficatier, marine carpenter, has generously provided the canoes construction drawings. Assembly technic used was stitched and glued, which consists in joining the canoes hull with iron wire before lamination with resin. Tracing, sewing, resin laminating, sanding, playing with wood chisel and painting… all great pleasure.

Stage 2 : canoeing over La Loire and meeting with active local Heritage members

At all times, La Loire has attracted the sights. But today, the castles are its main standing. However, from spring to estuary, a story took place, where the human being has evoluated in a rich and unpredictable environnment. The small stories have shaped the great Story to balance, by the riverside wildlife and culture.

We had to navigate over La Loire to live and understand her, sharing her with birds colonizing the banks, and meet local people. Artists, river lovers and historians have met the residents to share and discover during the adventure the rich and complex Loire Heritage canvas.

Stage 3 : exhibition design

To report La Loire exploration, the organization members have allied technologies and art to manipulate rational and subjective, in order to show a crossed sight on heritage, and to address at best to an audience with various expectations and perspectives.

Stage 4 : exhibition presentation

The Voyage en Patrimoine exhibition offers to look in depth at quickly crossed places, and quickly sighted artworks. Taking unusual paths, as canoeing, affords meeting unlikely situations and places, where the viewing angle changes, and where the places stories are told in a different manner.

The exhibition is available to let in the towns along La Loire and in Brittany from 2019.

Photo : Yeuse